Why Melbourne Should Be In Your Travel Bucket List

Melbourne is one unique place in this amazing country. You will be given the opportunity to enjoy some great dishes, met some charming people and visit some of the most scenic places of the world. This is a place for all travelers, adventure lovers and not to forget wine lovers. Planning your next vacation for Australia is definitely something you must do. Get the most wonderful experience ever. Get in touch with this wonderful country and make memories that lasts a lifetime.Melbourne is considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world. There’s no specific reason for it except for the fact that it is one of the most gorgeous cities that you will ever visit. Not to mention the experiences that you will get to enjoy. There are hundred and one reasons as to why you should book a flight to Melbourne this instant. But, we have selected some very good and the best reasons why you should do exactly that.


First and the obvious reason as to by Melbourne is a must visit place is because of the adorable kangaroos you get to meet. If you have children, they would simply love the experience. But, of course, to get the best experience of kangaroos you will have to visit the kangaroo islands. Go to Adelaide and then book some Sovereign Hill day tour. It will be a simple and a brief tour outside Melbourne but it will definitely be worth it.

Some attractive places

The Melbourne street art is at high demand and one of the places where people take captures the most. It is quite vibrant and doesn’t go unseen by and passers. These art portrays the amazing talent of the artists in this great city. Hence, it speaks for them.


Another must try thing to add to your list is the wine tasting in Melbourne. One of the best places to do so is the Yarra Valley. It is quite famous around the world simply due to its popularity in producing some of the finest wine. So, why go without trying this luxurious wines? Also, the Australian wine tasting is quite unique as you will be given the chance to see how they are actually made. Not to mention, the background in which you get to enjoy these delicious wines is definitely scenic. So, make sure you go for the cool Mt Buller one day trip to get the most amazing experience ever.

Swim with dolphins

Who wouldn’t say no to a swim with these adorable sea- creatures? NO ONE EVER! Dolphins are considered to be some of the most friendliest, smartest animals in the world. So, of course, you will be captured away by their charm. The Port Phillip Bay will offer you this great opportunity. So make sure you take a dip with the dolphins when you are in Melbourne.