February 2017

Why Business Travelers Go For Commercial Hotels

Business travelers are busy people who expect the least amount of luxury in their hotel rooms. They are simply in town for a specific purpose, not to go on a city tour or adventure ride. To cater to such needs, commercial hotels have come up and have been found very useful by businessman. So here are the reasons for it and what you need to do to make sure they are satisfied.

1. They are cheaper

Business travelers are obviously on business and hence do not feel the need to spend too much on hotel rooms since they do not expect much. Also, they mostly travel under a budget and hence always go for Hong Kong affordable accommodation booking. Online booking facilities are great which make the check-in and check out process much easier and faster which is why they are preferred by businessmen.

2. They have all basic facilities

Commercial hotels always give their corporate clients exactly what they need; the basic requirements. You need to make sure to make available free and fast wifi, strategically placed power outlets, water bottles, work desk and even an iron with an ironing board. Business travelers always tend to use the latest tech-gadgets and these need to be operated by internet and also need to be charged. For work purposes, a work desk is compulsory and if possible you could offer a lap desk. Since they will be working long hours, they’d need ample water so a few extra bottles would be great. Also, they are always busy running off to meetings so facilities to iron their wrinkled clothes are an expectation. 

3. They have access to transportation

Commercial hotels are situated right in the heart of the city so they have bus stops, train stations, taxi ranks and airports in close proximity. Business travelers need to move around fast so they mostly prefer a budget hotel near airport. Make sure you have efficient transportation booking services so that they can easily book their next train or flight while still at the hotel. Find this out for more information affordable accommodation reservation.

4. They have well-equipped business centres

Meetings and conferences are common among such businessmen. A well-equipped business centre will be of great use for them and will surely make them loyal towards your hotel whenever in town. Your business centre needs to have meeting rooms, a conference hall, equipment such as personal computers, printers, photocopy machines, scanners etc. Make sure you have the latest technology since if your old printer is slow, they’d most probably not return.