Contact The Professionals For Your Pet’s Safety

Your family has just planed out that much awaited vacation. As much as you are excited about going on that trip you have to now worry about your beloved dog who has been your lifelong partner for many years. Your friends suggest that you find suitable boarding facilities for your canine prior to going on your trip. So you check out the place that has canine boarding and come across a place that offers special services for household dogs. You decide to visit the place and check it out prior to handing over your dog for safe keeping.

Happy and stress free

The experienced staff at the luxury pet friendly accommodation shows you around the place. You are amazed at what you see. Hundreds of dogs are having the time of their life at the boarding facility. You are impressed at the way the experienced staff take care of the dogs and how happy and stress free the animals are. The staff tell you that they have different packages on offer for your canine and depending on your budget they can give you suitable boarding for your dog. The staff also shows you a variety of mattresses that they have for the dogs and tell you that you can pick the one of your choice. They also give you a list of the food on the menu that the dogs will be given and let you choose what suits your pooch best. 

Good and reliable

Among the other services on offer for your pooch are bathing facilities, grooming and exercising which is a much needed thing for you canine. Vitamins and nutritious food will also be provided if you make a special request to the experts. So why worry about your pooch when you can be sure that he is in good and reliable hands with the experts. You can find online today luxury pet friendly accommodation South Coast NSW if you are not satisfied with what you have at present. Companies that advertise their services on the internet are reliable and trustworthy and have many years of experience in the field. So you won’t have to check up on the company and the officials because you can be sure that the best will be provided for your dog at all times.

Special attention

The professionals will also make inquiries from you regarding the weight size and breed of the dog prior to giving you advice on what type of package you should choose for your canine. Special care will also be given if your dog is an elderly one and needs special attention and monitoring.